IP telephony is a sophisticated style of communication technology that allows all types of communications including audio, video, and wired as well as wireless voice, through the usage of Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Perhaps, most significant of the benefits of this communication system is cost savings, since IP telephony has capability to converge voice as well as data networks into a single cohesive network.

Entertainment Solutions IP telephony system has an intuitive browser-based management interface, allowing companies to manage the entire system, from switches to voice mail, automated attendant, etc., from anywhere on the network.

In paralell to the telephone service, nowadays, it is almost a must to provide fast reliable Internet access to users, and of course, this internet access must support the multiple WIFI and wired devices that users bring with them. For this aim, and in complete convergence with the telephony system, Entertainment Solutions provides a secure and reliable system for user's internet connection.