With the theme "Luxury has never been so achievable" ES offers an unforgettable experience for guests enjoying a personalized service with the highest quality, ensuring guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Entertainment Solutions specific IP platform provided to hotels is composed by a combination of the different Entertainment Solution products, with some special configurations to make them even more valuable for hotel market.

This platform enhances the stay of hotel guests, offers hoteliers very useful added value services, and provides very effective marketing tools. This only chases one goal, to get the hotel to project an exclusive image, modern and sophisticated, and tp get the hotel to increase their direct and indirect revenue.

Guests can enjoy in high definition picture the latest Hollywood movies available in different languages, will have a access to a big variety of real time information (newspapers, stocks, weather, airport information, currency exchange) will be able to log in their preferred social Networks, validate their invoice directly from the TV set or ordering in and Internet access from their laptops, while they could be having a conference using the latest IP telephony technology.

Hotel staff can optimize their day by day management and improve the communication with guests, thanks to the valuable applications such as room maintenance, housekeeping, messaging system, hotel information and minibar consumptions among many others.

The marketing tools make the hotels to improve their corporate branding inmediatelly, help the hotel to promote absolutelly all hotel internal services available to guests in a very attractive way, and allow the hotel to sell any desired product using the TV Display as the virtual store.

This solution is valid for any TV display, able to integrated with any PMS and with an easy-multilingual interface. Due to the ES Newest Version "Free Upload" policy, it makes the hotel keeps with the latest system version installed, guaranting a bran new solution everyday.

The very easy auto- installation system, the complete monitoring tool, all services and marketing applications, the best VOD content for Hospitality market, the sytem reliability and the exceptional support provide by high qualified engineers, makes ES Solution for hotels the most valued interactive TV system solution among hotels.