With the theme "we make your stay pleasant" ES offers an unforgettable experience for patients, enjoying a personalized service with the highest quality, ensuring patients comfort.

Entertainment Solutions specific IP platform provided to hospitals is composed by a combination of the different Entertainment Solution products, with some special configurations to make them even more valuable for hospital market.

This platform provides to patients, in an elegant and user friendly design, very attractive services which enhances patients stay. These services go from the latest hollywood movies, brought directly from the Cinema to the hospital, to internet access, videoconferencing, and many more interesting high quality applications.

This platform in addition provides added value services for the hospital, which help hospitals to improve the communication with patients, to project an exclusive brand image, to optimize the day by day management in terms of IT systems management, to take advantage, nurses and doctors, of all clinical applications and bring them to the next level, and finally to get important direct revenue because of system usage.

This solution is valid for any TV display or Bedside Terminal, capable of being integrated with any HIS and with an easy-multilingual interface. ES offers two types of solutions according to hospital needs: One platform based on standard or medical grade TV Displays, an another platform based on advanced Touchscreen Terminals


Hospitalia TV

HOSPitalia Tv.

Hospitalia TV solution is the entry level interactive TV solution for hospitals, who wants to provide, within a corporate image enviroment, a high quality personalized service to patients.

Patients can enjoy the latest Hollywood movies, will have access to real time information (newspapers, stocks, etc) from the TV Set, or will be able to order an Internet access from their laptops, while they could be having a conference using the latest IP telephony technology.

Hospital staff can optimize their day by day management and improve the communication with patients, thanks to the valuable applications such as messaging, hospital information and room maintenance, to manage the status of accessories within the room, among many others.

This solution is valid for any TV display, able to integrated with any HIS and with an easy-multilingual interface. Due to the ES Newest Version "Free Upload" policy, it makes the hospital keeps with the latest system version installed, guarantying a bran new solution everyday.

The very easy auto- installation system, the complete monitoring tool, all services and entertainment applications, the best VOD content for Hospitality market, the sytem reliability and the exceptional support provide by high qualified engineers, makes ES Solution for hospitals the most valued interactive TV system solution among hospitals.

Hospitalia Touch Screen

HOSPitalia touch screen.

Hospitalia Bedside Terminal solution is the Unlimited Solution for Hospitals, based on reliable and advanced medical grade Bedside Terminals, that allow patients, doctors and hospital staff to have access to all services.

In additoin to the all the entertainment and hospital services offered by hospitalia TV Solution, it also provides several added value services, only available for this type of solution, such as:

-Hospitalia Medical ID
The doctors and hospital staff can be authenticated in the Bedside Terminal to connect to their medical system or to consult the patient's records, through different identification methods, such as Cards, MIFARE, RFID or personal code.

-Hospitalia Nurse Call
The system integrates with the hospital's nurse call system so the patients can make nurse calls and communicate with hospital stuff directly from the Bedside Terminal.

-Hospitalia PACS Integration
Through this module the doctors will have access to the hospital's Picture Archiving and Communication System, to visualize patient's x-rays, scanners, ultrasound scans, etc.

-Hospitalia Integrated Phone or Videoconference
From the Bedside Terminal the patients will be able to establish phone calls or videoconferences with the desired users, as the Terminal comes with buit-in camera, microphone and speakers.

-Hospitalia Full internet access
Patients will have access to internet from the Bedside Terminal as if they were using their own laptop.