CyphES System performs pre-encryption of media content and real time encryption of live broadcast streams. The content is kept in an encrypted state through the distribution network from the content distribution servers to the media player in authorized client set-top boxes or other receiving devices. The content is encrypted on a packet-by-packet basis.


CyphES VoD Pre-encryptor (CVP): Tool to encrypt content, such as VoD titles. These encrypted contents to be later delivered by a VoD server.

CyphES Real Time Encryption System (CRTES): Application to encrypt streaming media in real time for secure delivery.

CyphES Key Server (CKS): Management and storage of encryption keys and delivery to authorized clients.

CyphES Clients: The different client software components that decrypt content to be finally shown on the user screen.

CyphES Authentication Server (CAS): software that works between Key Server and middleware to identify and authorize clients.


CyphES ensures your confidential or restricted content is protected.

Entertainment Solutions offers this encryption module to you, so that you could decide the kind of information that needs to be protected, and when to activate this functionality.