OND3mand is the Entertainment Solutions VOD Server, which allows users to select and watch video content on demand, and its used by ES in all their Hospitality Solutions, such as INGEsuite and Hospitalia.

Additionally, in order to provide a complete End-to-End solution, we offer a content package, including the latest hollywood movies available and with a wide selection of action, drama, comedy and children titles, all from the main Hollywood Studios (Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Paramount, Dreamworks and MGM), as Entertainment Solutions has a global license agreement with the main Hollywood aggregators to provide such contents into any hospitality project Worldwide.

The OND3mand server not only allows video streaming of the movie content offered by ES, it also allows the import of existing files in order to ease users to create their own video library. The VOD server provides users with a large subset of VCR functionality including pause, fast forward, fast rewind, slow forward, slow rewind, jump to previous/future frame etc (called trick modes). It also provides a searching tool to quickly find the wished content.

This VOD server also features the near video on demand functionality, consisting of scheduling the display of particular file, as a new TV program, very useful to create corporate or advertising channels.


Full managed VOD server that helps you to leave all your contents available to all the users within the network, without the need of transcoding the content into an specific format, as OND3mand does it already automatically for you!

OND3mand can easily include a control access to the content and can be integrated with any Billing System.