INMOpack is the CORE platform integrated for all Entertainment Solutions products. It includes a monitoring system tool, a management panel and an advanced STB installer, which is unique in the world and extremely helpful for projects deployment.

INMOpack provides the access to the backoffice "manager" application. The layout of this application will vary depending of the different platforms/modules included within the final solution. It will show clearly the project topology in matters of buildings, floors, rooms, conference rooms, etc.

Through INMOpack you will be able to apply the corresponding users policy to those users with system management capabilities. Therefore, the administrator will be able to assign different user profiles to the different managers, select the system languages, check the status of all hardware (which STBs are installed, models, firmware, etc.), access to available updates, etc.


You don't need any technical background to install the system. It comes with an automatic installation system that makes you the installation process very simple.

Complete monitoring tool to see the status of all hardware anytime that also helps you to solve any possible incidence yourself, without the need of any external assistance.

Open system compatible with main hardware manufacturers which helps you to chose the proper equipment which fits more according to your needs.

The platform is completey scalable, thus you can start your project from one TV and later increase the number of Tvs as long as your project is growing.