BEIPtv is the definitive IPTV middleware that allows you to have a full control over all TV channels present within the building infraestructure. Users work through a user friendly interface with fast access to all TV channels available in the network.

BEIPtv provides a great flexibility and a high usability, making very simple the work of creating multiple TV channel list and assign them later to different users or groups of users. Other interesting additional features are the possibility to record one TV programs either live or scheduled (with Time-Shift functionality), to define any TV Channel as PayTV channels, implementing a control access integrated with the Billing system, to access the EPG information, etc.

In addition, Entertainment Solutions has an specific module to encrypt any TV program "Real Time", for those projects where data protection is mandatory.


TV Channels lineup in just one click. To configure a TV Channels line up has never been so fast and easy. Now, even without the need of on-site presence, all thanks to the user friendly web application provided by BEIPtv. The same happens to any possible modification that the TV manager would like to apply in the future.

Once configured, everything is automatic. BEIPtv takes care of showing a personalized TV per user, due to automatically, depending on the user, BEIPtv displays only the corresponding TV Channles, and these in the corresponding order and splitted into the corresponding groups.