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Get the most out of your TVs and mobile devices

ZAFIRO, The definitive IPTV system

More than IPTV for hotels! ZAFIRO is a revolutionary marketing tool which gets the most out of your TVs and mobile devices while improving guest experience and increasing your hotel revenue. In other words, a natural fit for the hotel industry!

ZAFIRO is a modular, scalable and reliable platform. It allows hotels to promote their services, to inform and to entertain guests across all screens. Furthermore, you will be able to provide a unique and personalised experience based on your guest’s preferences.


ZAFIRO, an IPTV system compatible with conventional TVs, SmartTV and mobile devices

The real customizable IPTV for hotels

In addition, you will be able to completely create as many user interfaces as you want

Zafiro IPTV is easy to install

Easy to install

An intuitive system fully integrated with the PMS that can be installed at any part of the world.

Consequently, TVs will turn on automatically at guest check-in to display the proper message or promotion as soon as they step into their rooms. Furthermore, ZAFIRO can be also integrated with other systems like the Room Control, the Fire Alarm, POS…

Zafiro IPTV serves as a point of sale for hotel services

Point of sales

Not only a point of information and entertainment, but also the perfect sales platform to generate extra incomes.

As a result, you can create specific promotions for your different guests profiles, according to their preferences. JUST one click away to buy any hotel service: very easy, very quick so intuitive.

Zafiro IPTV generates useful statistics for your business

Analytics and reports

You will obtain complete analysis and statistics from the system to offer a unique experience adapted to each guest.

ZAFIRO Analytic Tool will exactly inform hoteliers about what guests do when they are working with the system. Therefore, thanks to the data provided, the hotel will be able to adapt its offer and to improve its productivity.

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